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Range & Practice Area

Lone Tree Golf Course hosts one of the finest practice areas in the East Bay. Quality range balls are provided and restocked throughout the year to ensure your practice satisfaction. There are over 45 hitting stations to a landing area that is 170 yards wide and over 300 yards long complete with target greens and yardage markers to gauge your accuracy.

Fore Front Power

We have lights on the driving range!!!! Enjoy hitting balls in the eventing. In the winter months we are selling balls until 8:30 pm and the lights are out at 9:00 pm. Summer time lights are out at 9:30 pm Sun & Mon, and 10 pm Tues-Sat. Come check the range out because the lights are spectacular and you can keep your game sharp despite the shorter days.

Short game chipping & pitching area

A short game area hosts an 8000 square foot green allowing you to hone your chipping and pitching skills. An extensive sand bunker offers practice for that critical greenside shot that can make the difference for saving your par.
Note: this area reserved for First Tee programming as needed; generally occuring M-Th 3:30pm to 5:30 pm; Saturday's 2:00 pm until 5:30 pm; & Sundays 2:00 pm until 3:30 pm

Putting Green

The clubhouse putting green is a favorite jaunt for the locals. A spacious 15,000 square feet, this surface allows for much needed practice of the all important flat stick. This green is great for working on long lag putts as well as figuring out the grain influence that rolls towards "the river" and is such an important part of understanding how to play Lone Tree Golf Course. If you are daring, find the "little hole" and test your 3 footers on this cup that is not much wider then the diameter of a golf ball, but be careful as too much practice on this small hole may be detrimental to your confidence. The putting green is a great place to meet some of the locals and even pick up a game or two putting around the green.

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To work on your game or book a lesson with one of our Professional staff call 925-706-4220.

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