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Antioch Golf Club

The Antioch Golf Club has more than 250 members who enjoy the camaraderie and fun of public golf at beautiful Lone Tree GC.  Members gather once a month for various tournament formats aimed at having fun and providing a challenge for participants to measure their game. 

WIth an annual AGC membership, members are enrolled in the Northern California Golf Association, giving each member an established World Golf Association handicap index. The club works hard at maintaining a handicap system that is equitable to all, allowing for fair competitions and encouraging "peer review" for posting "ALL" scores. 

The club hosts several qualifing tournaments for NCGA regional competitions. Also each summer, the AGC fields Thursday and Saturday teams for the NCGA 12-player Team Match competitions. Over a 2- to 3-month period, bonds are formed through these team competitions, with matches at home and at other regional courses. 




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