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Couples League

Couples Results

COUPLES- Thursday, August 13th, 2020

18 couples came out to play on a WARM Thursday afternoon.

Here are the WINNERS...

GROSS SCORE ( what you shot)

1st- Steve Camitz/ Linda Pico  37  - $30 gift card

2nd- Jim Magana/ Pam Ramirez  40 - $15 gift Card

NET ( Blind Bogey)

1st- Rick/Corinne Marchoke – 28 - $30 gift card

2nd- Tony/ Araceli   - 32  - $15 gift card


Ladies- Lynn Olison

Men- Rick Armstrong


COUPLES-Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

17 couples this week. All enjoyed a chicken salad after play.

Here are the WINNERS….


1st-Ben/Lynn Olison – 42 - $30 gift card

2nd- Rick/Corinne Marchoke- 44 - $20 gift card

NET SCORE ( blind Bogey)

1st- Alex Sanchez/Sue Shanks- 31- $30 gift Card

2nd- Mac/Nancy Kaiser- 32- $20 gift card


Women- Kelly Martinez

Men- Rick Marchoke


FINAL COUPLES EVENT- Thursday, October 1st, 2020

SIGN UP in the pro shop.

Couples Tournament

Join The Fun! Lone Tree's Monthly Couples Night!

Lone Tree Golf Course hosts "Couples Night" the first Thursday of the month from April- November. Start times vary from 4:45-5:30pm. Entry fees include nine hole green fee, cart fee, prize fund, and food during the post golf awards ceremony.

The format for the round is "Chapman Scotch". Both players tee off, the best tee shot is selected and whoever did not hit the selected drive hits the second shot. The players alternate hitting shots until the ball is holed. On the next tee, both players tee off and continue as above. "Blind Bogey" scoring is used in place of handicaps. The most important rule of the evening is "fun".

Couples play in six-somes (three teams per group). You may sign up as a group of six or as an individual couple. Be sure to sign up early as this event is becoming very popular and starting to fill up to the maximum number of players (72).

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