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Lone Tree Golf & Event Center
4800 Golf Course Rd.
Antioch, CA 94531

5/26/15 Course Condition update:
To quote long time Antioch Golf Club Member Cliff Sweeney, regarding course conditions from a recent Antioch Golf Club event, "Lone Tree may be in the best shape I have ever seen it in.  The fairway and rough definitions are excellent.  The greens are pure.  Firm, smooth, and fast.  I don't know if I have ever seen it better." 

Thanks Cliff!  We feel the same way and thought we would share your comments.

Some of the reasons Lone Tree is in exceptional shape:

Lone Tree Golf Course and the City of Antioch are leaders in the golf industry in Northern California.  The city had the foresight to install a reclaimed water treatment facility and a 2.1 Million gallon storage tank under the #13 tee box that opened three years ago.  All golf courses, including Lone Tree have severe restrictions due to the current drought conditions and potable water regulations in California, however having availablity of reclaimed water, provides a resource for the golf course that would otherwise go unused.  

The recelimed water has Nitrogen in it so it provides a source of fertilizer to the turf plant and our fairways and rough areas are thriving with these nutrients.  The fairway bermuda grass in particular is noticeably healthy and filling in in areas where often have been rye or blue grass.

Recently we Hydro-jected the greens.  This is a practice that shoots a high pressure stream of water into the putting surface about the size of a pencil.  The water pulls a stream of sand immediately behind it that fills the hole created by the water jet.  Essentially it performs a type of aerification but additionally fractures the soil underneath at a greater depth then the mechanical tynes of an aerifier; this helps the plant grow deeper and stronger roots and enhances water flow through the soil profile. This practice had minimal disruption to the putting surface but will strengthen the plant to endure the hot summers.

Greens Rolling.  The maintenance crew, several times per week, roll the greens with special rollers to help keep the putting surfaces smooth and true. 

Top dressing the greens.  Part of our practice is to put a light coat of sand on the greens.  Barely noticeable.  However the grass loves sand and it helps water percolate evently and when you "roll" the greens and combine with light top dressing you get smooth putting surfaces.

Thanks for your patronage and loyalty.  We encourage you to enjoy a round at Lone Tree right now and experience these course conditions first hand!  Hopefully you will be like our friend Cliff and enjoy! 

Lone Tree Golf Course and Event Center | 4800 Golf Course Rd. | Antioch, CA 94531 | 925-706-4220
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