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Lone Tree Golf & Event Center
4800 Golf Course Rd.
Antioch, CA 94531

6/22/16 Course Condition update:
First of all I have to apologize to all our "fans" for not updating this page sooner.  I am truly sorry. Turf conditions at LTG&EC are looking good.
Summer is here and we are definitely feeling the effects.  As the temperature rises so does the level of stress on the turf and our staff.  We are doing everything we can to offset this through the effective scheduling of the irrigation system, the use of water and soil conditioners, and spot aerification. In addition, we do a lot of hand watering on greens and tees and you will also see us turning on sprinklers throughout the day.  I would like to apologize in advance if we accidently get any customers wet or if there is a sprinkler running when you get to your ball.  We try to minimize the impact of our spot watering program but every once in a while we just have to get some water out.
Speaking of water, I'm sure you already know this but we use a source of recycled water that helps us keep the course green without impacting our drinking water supply.  No matter how hard we try though, sprinklers just won't quite get everything irrigated the way we need to which is why you will also see some portable sprinklers set up throughout the course.  Please be careful to avoid running them over with your cart.  Irrigating a golf course is really tough.  Morning players tell me the course is too wet and afternoon players tell me the course is too dry.  It's just not easy especially with multiple factors affecting our sprinklers like slopes, sun exposure, soil type and texture, etc, etc...
In general, I'd say conditions have imporved greatly since our last "chat."  The fairways are filled in very well for the summer with Bermudagrass and the greens are light years ahead of where we were this time last year.  We are well into our summer agronomic plan with the routine verticutting and topdressing of the greens along with monthly aerification with the Planet Air.  (I know I said the "A" word but don't worry, you can't even tell we did it when we do it.)  These three practices are key to keeping the greens smooth and firm but still receptive to a well struck golf ball.  Our goal for this summer is to maintain quality putting surfaces that are smooth and consistent in speed.  Our speed goal is to stay right around 10 on the stimp meter.
As I always say, slow and steady wins the race.  We are continuing to improve course conditions slowly and steadily every day.  We have an excellent maintenace team and they are all dedicated to making LTGC one of the best courses in the entire region.
Fairways and greens...  See you on the course...
Danny Fielder, CGCS
Golf Course Superintendent 

Lone Tree Golf Course and Event Center | 4800 Golf Course Rd. | Antioch, CA 94531 | 925-706-4220
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